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The Best Faith-Based Apps to Try this 2021

The Best Faith-Based Apps to Try this 2021

Amid the hustle and bustle of life, we know it can be hard to balance your spiritual well-being with your other priorities. We are eager to help you keep your spiritual nourishment in check and grow in faith with the Christian community and so we’ve curated the best faith-based mobile applications you could download this year. 

Keep Your Faith Battery Charged Throughout the Day

First 5 App

This app created by Proverbs 31 Ministries is perfect if you want to devote your first 5 minutes upon waking up to prayer. Doing this on a daily is a sure way to clear your mind and fully usher in God’s presence into your day.

Abide - Christian Meditation [iOS | Android]

This is for the troubled souls finding it hard to sleep or relax. By just pressing the app’s play button, you can listen to soothing Bible bedtime stories and end the day knowing things will get sorted out in God’s time. Also, you can play daily Bible-based meditations, coming in 2, 5, 10, and 15-minute durations to suit your time availability, covering a variety of topics including overcoming anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, among others that many people experience.

Stay on Track with Your Devotions

Echo [iOS | Android]

The app comes with neat features aside from allowing you to track every one of your prayers. You can remind yourself to pray with its notification setting, pray without distraction using a focused timer setting, share prayer requests with others with its group messaging feature. Likewise, you can create an online platform for your ministry members to connect and pray together.

Sing Hymns of Praise to Uplift Your Soul

Christian Radio+

With over 100 Christian radio stations all playing a variety of Christian genres, you’re sure to have an instant pick-me-up during unmotivated times. Remember, to sing is to amplify your praise to the Lord.

Enrich Your Relationship with God Through Inspiring Stories

FaithPlay [iOS | Android]

This app curates podcasts and sermons tailored for the Christian audience that you can be updated automatically when there are new episodes available. In your free time or even while you’re on the go with the app’s AirPlay capability and Lock screen controls, listen to stories from guests from all walks of life and be encouraged by their true experiences and how God touched their lives.

PureFlix [iOS | Android]

Yup, this is just like Netflix but packed with Christian TV shows and movies that’s a perfect spiritually-nourishing weekend idea (or even weekday) with the family, could come especially handy when mass media gets too overwhelming with not-so-wholesome content. 

Share Inspiration to the World

YouVersion Bible Lens

Have a memorable photo you know would be complete with a Bible verse caption? This app does just that plus amazing filters you can apply to your verse. What makes this app more awesome is it suggests a verse that’s related to the photo you want to edit, say “Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for it is now that God favors what you do.” - Ecclesiastes 9:7 if you have a photo of food.

#Bible: Verse Of The Day

This app is ready to serve you over 3,000 Bible verses, each one at a time you pre-set. The verse will be shown on your phone with a serene natural background perfect for screenshotting and sharing on your social media to radiate positive and inspiring energy to your loved ones. 

For the Kids

Bible App for Kids 

Having trouble weaning the little ones from the addicting games on the iPad? Try this one to start them young with Bible stories. The fun games and activities contained in the app are sure to get them hooked, but, more importantly, rich in good values.

That was a handful, wasn’t it? Hope you find this listicle helpful.