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You Are Reminded That Any Help Is Big Help

You Are Reminded That Any Help Is Big Help

It’s officially summer. Have you planned how you will spend it yet? If you are busy counting the days, instead, and still have no clue how to make the most of it, maybe you could consider our suggestions. After all, time spent in the service of others is always time well spent. 

Improvements in the Neighborhood

Perhaps, you could team up with your neighborhood association and help restore community spaces. Clean and repaint structures such as benches, street signs, and murals. Trim overgrown bushes and trees and sweep up fallen leaves. Children playing happily in the refreshed look of your playground and grownups chatting comfortably in the clubhouse would be such a pleasant sight.


Consider coaching in your former school’s summer camp for the sport that you were always good at. Or, why not tutor a student who is struggling with a level in a certain subject, which you have always aced back in school? Also, you can teach any craft you know in a workshop or physical activities like Zumba or pilates in your local gym. For sure, it will both be fulfilling and fun imparting your knowledge as you enjoy the things you do best.

Environmentally Conscious Deeds

With more free time comes more opportunity to be conscious of your smallest actions such as how you dispose of any trash. During the summer, get more used to washing those finished bottles of juices and segregating them from the rest of your trash, if not set them aside for you to donate later to plastic banks, who will then send them back to manufacturers for recycling. Also, try out eco-forward products, those that use 100% recycled or biodegradable packaging for your essentials, for example, see what suits you best, and replace your staples with them. 

When an opportunity knocks, take part in cleanups and tree planting activities, whether it be in your local park, river, or seaside. Or, offer some days of service in animal conservatories or pet shelters. If circumstances do not permit your physical presence, you can always opt to donate instead. 


This summer, we are experiencing record-high heat. Certainly, many areas will be greatly affected by either wildfires or heat waves. You can extend help by volunteering with emergency response teams, take part in massive feeding programs, and even scour your closet for clothes and other essentials you could donate to the needy. Also, you may want to spend time volunteering in elderly homes or other social welfare institutions.

Learn Basic Survival Skills

Another thing that will be worth your while during the summer is to learn basic survival skills. It's only wise as we never know when harm will come our way and having even just one who is capable of these skills will be of great help. Learn how to tie knots, start and put out a flame, first aid, swim, forage for food, create makeshift tools and a shelter, driving, among others. The time you invest will all be worth it someday.


Nothing feels as soul-enriching as being of help to your community. You have read about these community service activities before, but perhaps you have barely tried getting out there and returning feeling fulfilled like never before. Take this as a sign that you will make this summer different.