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Friend really liked the gift. She cried when she got it.


We gave this as a present to newlyweds and they loved it!

Jerry M.

This is definitely worth buying! It's a great gift too!

Kelly S.

The blanket has great quality and weight! Perfect!


This is a beautiful blanket! It's very soft and cozy.


She loved it and so did we! It's so soft and beautiful!


My dad loved this! He used it right away.


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Multiply Your Praise to God By Singing These Songs

Multiply Your Praise to God By Singing These Songs

  Some think of music as a pastime while some do it for a living. No matter what, we can agree that listening to it usually lightens up an otherwise dull time. For those who don’t have anyone to confide in at a given moment, hearing a song with words they can relate to almost has the same cathartic effect. Such is the power of...

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You Are Reminded That Any Help Is Big Help

You Are Reminded That Any Help Is Big Help

It’s officially summer. Have you planned how you will spend it yet? If you are busy counting the days, instead, and still have no clue how to make the most of it, maybe you could consider our suggestions. After all, time spent in the service of others is always time well spent.  Improvements in the Neighborhood Perhaps, you could team up with your neighborhood association...

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Phillipians 4:13 Reveals More About God's Strength

Phillipians 4:13 Reveals More About God's Strength

One such snippet from the Bible that most Christians likely know of is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” We set it as our phone’s wallpaper, we write it in our planners, and place it just about anywhere in sight to give us an instant boost to our day.  We live in a world in which struggle is natural...

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