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My dad loved this! He used it right away.


Friend really liked the gift. She cried when she got it.


We gave this as a present to newlyweds and they loved it!

Jerry M.

This is definitely worth buying! It's a great gift too!

Kelly S.

The blanket has great quality and weight! Perfect!


This is a beautiful blanket! It's very soft and cozy.


She loved it and so did we! It's so soft and beautiful!


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For The New Graduates

For The New Graduates

So, there you were wearing that robe and cap and your hands grasping your diploma as if it was the most precious thing, the one thing you've spent sleepless nights enduring brain-numbing and straining studying for and that'll get you places from that point in your life. That moment you took pictures with peers realizing it could be one of the last times you'll ever...

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Trust God During Hard Times

Trust God During Hard Times

We're all taught from a young age how life is a series of highs and lows and it's about constantly overcoming unprecedented obstacles. No one would wish to undergo immense difficulty but would rather relish days when they're content with their lives that even if it's imperfect it is enough--having their loved ones around and healthy, finances all in check, and a smooth-sailing job.  Sometimes,...

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The Proverbs 31 Woman

The Proverbs 31 Woman

Proverbs 31, a classic verse imparted by the mother of King Lemuel, her overflowing wisdom he immortalized into this savory poem that women today peruse for moral guidance. In it are the qualities a man should be looking for in a wife. Whether you've encountered this Bible verse before or not, we all have more or less an idea of what it takes to be...

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