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Multiply Your Praise to God By Singing These Songs

Multiply Your Praise to God By Singing These Songs


Some think of music as a pastime while some do it for a living. No matter what, we can agree that listening to it usually lightens up an otherwise dull time. For those who don’t have anyone to confide in at a given moment, hearing a song with words they can relate to almost has the same cathartic effect.

Such is the power of a good melody fused with powerful words that speak to people in all walks of life. And just like how God is present in all realms, you can also heed His loving advice through music. If God wants to speak to you, he does so through the voice of these inspiring Christian music artists:

Chris Tomlin

Although renowned Christian musician Chris Tomlin’s song “Who You Are To Me” came out last summer, its uplifting effect is still just as undeniably strong, just like his other songs. This collaboration he had with Lady A is worded well to encapsulate how one can find God wherever we seek Him, in the sunset, or a stranger’s eyes, for instance. 

Active in his craft for almost 30 years now, Tomlin served as a worship leader in college. His songs have become so renowned in the Christian community that, since 2007, he’s been nominated almost consecutively for a Grammy. One of the songs he was nominated for entitled “Whom Shall I Fear”, however, remains to be one of his greatest hits. The bit in the chorus saying He’s “The God of angel armies” never fails to encourage any listener.


Being around the rock music industry since 1996, Skillet has proven how their Christian faith enabled them to stay intact as a band, despite several member changes, and continue to release wonderful works. One of their albums, “Awake”, even garnered double platinum. They are breaking down boundaries between the rather metallic music and worship music genres.  

True to their name “Skillet” coined by a friend pastor, who compared their musical color to southern cooking, the band’s songs have always been bound beautifully by rhythm and beat instrumentation adding vocalist John Cooper's impactful verses. Their track “Monster”, which precedes their award-winning album “Awake”, remains a hallmark of how well they convey man’s flawed nature, but still have a good heart.

Matthew West

Starting as a free agent, Matthew West was able to release three albums and, since signing with Universal South Records and later Sparrow Records, saw his compositions skyrocket in Christian music charts and even won him several Dove Awards. One will almost always see him don an electric guitar in every music video, but what doesn’t change is his ability to speak volumes of the struggles most people are going through, seeing through them, and with a well-written bridge much like in his 2011 hit “Strong Enough”, declare that God rules over all so there is nothing to fear. 

He furthered his ministry as he ventured into the acting industry. He appeared in Christian small-screen shows as well as made his film debut in the film “The Heart of Christmas”, which talks of a family that rekindled their sense of hope and love amid their child’s crippling cancer. For the same film, West sang the heartwarming soundtrack. One of his most recent songs “The God Who Stays” surely inspired many who grappled with the effects of the pandemic being reminded of the God who willingly listens to the smallest woes.


We usually run to music whenever we feel emotionally drained. Sometimes, we wishfully think if there’s only one song you could listen to and gain newfound strength from, that would be great. Add a song or more of the artists we featured and hearing them on one of those days you drive around town or plugging your earphones in just before your weekend home cleanup and see yourself accomplish more things for the day.