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Spiritual Growth For Mothers

Spiritual Growth For Mothers

Recent events prove to have expanded what it means to be a mother, every hour of her waking life is dedicated to ever-demanding responsibilities to her family and work. It’s such a hectic life that having a minute all to herself has become a luxury. All mothers would agree it’s even more challenging to maintain a routine of prayer and spiritual devotion. 

Mothers are bracing themselves for another busy season with summer just around the corner. Whether they’re required to stay home longer than usual or run out for countless errands, we cannot discount the fact that making this year’s summer worthwhile is up to them, so much that they’re susceptible to stress more than ever.

But come to think of it, what is to become of a family if the mother is bogged down with stress and weariness? Isn’t it just right that she spends some time to recharge after having radiated all her energy outwards and dedicated most of her time to everyone but herself? But, just how will the busy mom do this when it’s seemingly impossible? 

In this post, we share how you mothers can de-stress with God and wake up with renewed energy to conquer trials that are unique to moms, and super moms at that.

Meditate During Your Free Time

Contrary to popular belief, meditation need not take a big chunk of your day. If you have a minute or five, rather than pulling out your phone to scroll through social media, use these minutes to meditate. 

Likewise, you don’t have to strictly follow a meditation schedule because if you do, missing it once will only upset and spoil its beneficial effects for you. Do it when you feel it’s right, when you want to release some pent-up tension. 

It need not be done in a special room adorned with aromatherapy scents and lighting that’s specially optimized for concentration. All you need is a place to comfortably sit or lie down.

During this brief moment, allow yourself to release any negative thoughts. Separate yourself from these and figure out how to approach these more calmly. Try to discover what Christ is trying to tell you in this situation and how you can emerge from these better than ever.

Consume Good Christian Content

There are mobile apps that cater to the busy Christian audience such as Christian Radio+ that houses over a hundred Christian stations and plays worship songs of different genres. Listen to it during early afternoons or whenever you experience energy slumps.

FaithPlay [iOS | Android] is another app that allows you to consume Christian content even when you’re occupied with other tasks. They’re a bank of podcasts and sermons that inspire and give valuable life lessons.

Give Yourself the Proverbs 31 Pep Talk from Time to Time

Get over those moments when you feel as if you’re inadequate as a mother with the words of Proverbs 31. Remember how awesome you are for being up for the super mom challenge with the lines contained in this verse. When you’ve eventually familiarized the lines, giving yourself that well-deserved pep talk wouldn’t be so hard.

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Motherhood is a lifelong profession that requires overflowing patience, wisdom, and grit. To be able to play this humongous role, give yourselves a favor, take a thing or two from these tips, and see clearly amid all your struggles that God willingly partakes with you.